Why Does Gold Holds Value During Times of Inflation?

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When a person thinks of gold, they probably bring to mind jewelry. Countless individuals wear gold jewelry every day. However, this precious metal has many other purposes, some of which people remain unaware of.  For example, individuals often don’t realize the electronics they use may have one or more gold parts. The same holds for certain medical devices. Gold is … Read More

Keep Your Gold Jewelry Clean to Maintain its Value

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Gold jewelry remains timeless. Individuals know this metal will never go out of style, so they invest in classic pieces that can be handed down through the generations. However, the owner must keep the jewelry clean to protect its value. What do experts recommend when it comes time to clean gold jewelry?  The Baking Soda Method People turn to baking … Read More

Is Gold Jewelry a Good Investment?

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Men and women have treasured gold for centuries. Today, people view gold jewelry as a symbol of one’s wealth and status in society. However, some people view this metal as an asset and invest in it rather than using it to adorn their bodies. Is gold jewelry a good investment? What should people know before buying jewelry to add to … Read More

Why Does the Price of Gold Fluctuate?

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No other precious metal has captured the world’s attention quite like gold. This gleaming element has inspired people to travel to distant lands for a chance at acquisition for thousands of years. Whether melted down and poured into bars or fashioned into exquisitely beautiful jewelry, gold is one of the most valuable substances on earth. But unlike consumable commodities with … Read More

What Options Are There for Buying and Selling Gold?

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Gold and silver provide a haven for individuals worried about what the future holds. Inflation continues to rise at terrifying rates, and stock market fluctuations leave investors feeling as if they are on a roller coaster ride. Precious metals come with an established track record of gains, and people can use them as currency when times get tough.  However, some … Read More

Investing in Gold Can Help Mitigate Financial Uncertainty

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The future remains uncertain for individuals. Inflation remains a concern, and wages aren’t rising at the same rate as the cost of living. In addition, a single medical crisis could lead to financial problems for a person or family. People need to prepare for these situations, although they can’t control everything related to their finances. One way to prepare is … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Gold

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When reviewing investments and ways to obtain a better return, consumers consider the advantages of purchasing precious metals. Silver and gold are great options for investments and can offer a higher return in the future. The precious metals can be used to create expensive jewelry and other items that won’t lose value regardless of the metal’s form.  Many investors add … Read More

The Advantages of Investing in Gold

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When a person brings gold to mind, they often think of jewelry or gold coins. However, this precious metal appears in many items today. Most electronic devices today contain a small amount of gold, while gold serves as a crucial component in the treatment of a few medical conditions. Dentists might install a gold tooth in a patient’s mouth, when … Read More

A Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver

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At Alliance Gold and Silver Exchange, LLC, we buy gold and provide a wealth of options for precious metals investors. We can evaluate your collection of precious metals and provide you with a complete offer for the metals. Customers can review the offer and either accept it or refuse it. Those who accept our offers will get their money deposited … Read More

Buying Gold vs Silver. What’s the Difference?

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While there are a lot of investment opportunities available, investing in precious metals is often the most rewarding and offers a greater return on investment. The two most common metal investments are gold and silver. Knowing the differences in investing in these two will help individuals make the right choices in their investment strategies. With gold and silver exchange, individuals can … Read More