Spotting Counterfeit Gold and Silver: How to Protect Yourself

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Gold and silver exchange

Not all gold on the market is real. Counterfeit gold and silver are widespread in the fine metals industry. Some people make fake gold and silver just to trick unsuspecting Texas consumers. Knowing how to spot counterfeit gold and silver is crucial. Fake gold isn’t anything new. However, everyday buyers and some fine metal dealers have become targets. Want to … Read More

How to Properly Store Your Gold and Precious Jewelry

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Store Gold and Precious Jewellery

Gold and precious jewelry hold significant value for owners, both monetary and sentimental value. Properly storing the pieces is crucial to protecting these valuable assets from damage, theft, or deterioration over time. Whether a person owns a family heirloom or an investment piece, knowing how to store gold and precious jewelry is essential. The following guidelines help ensure the preservation … Read More

Unlocking the Value of Your Jewelry: A Guide to Selling Your Gold for Cash

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Gold with Cash

Many people have a drawer or old jewelry box full of gold jewelry they never wear. These pieces may be broken, outdated, or have bad memories attached to them. Instead of taking up valuable space, many people sell their old jewelry for cash. Learning the ins and outs of the process will help sellers get top dollar for their unwanted … Read More

How to Get the Most Cash for Your Old Gold and Jewelry

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Get the Most Cash for Your Old Gold and Jewelry

Many people have old, broken gold jewelry in a drawer or jewelry box. If a piece is not sentimental, selling it can bring cash. Before selling old gold jewelry, research carefully to learn about the available options. With the helpful tips below, sellers will get the fair amount of cash they deserve. Why Do People Sell Old Gold and Jewelry? … Read More

Profiting from Gold and Silver in an Uncertain Market

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The value of gold is increasing

As fears over the economy rise, people grow anxious about the future, especially when it comes to their retirement accounts. Traditional paper investments lead to financial losses when the stock exchange is not faring well. Thankfully, there are other investment options that protect a person’s assets. Investing in precious metals has always been considered smart, but does this still hold … Read More

Gold-Plated vs Gold-Filled: Understanding the Difference for Selling Unwanted Gold

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Sell your Gold to us

Everyone can use a little extra cash. Selling unwanted belongings allows people to rid themselves of items they do not need while getting closer to their financial goals. There is something many people have that can earn them a substantial payday without much effort. Gold continues to command impressive prices in Texas, but it helps when people understand which pieces … Read More

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Sell for Cash?

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Selling jewelry

Selling jewelry is an easy go-to to make some fast cash. It is also a great way to rid drawers of broken pieces or unworn relics and can help during difficult times such as a divorce. The hurdle people face is knowing what type of jewelry sells and where the best place to sell that jewelry is.  The Reasons Behind … Read More

How Do You Know If Your Gold Is Real?

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Pure gold or gold plated?

An estimated 40 percent of Americans own at least one piece of gold jewelry according to a recent survey. It’s a highly sought-after item for many reasons. On the most basic level, it’s pretty. Whether it’s yellow, white, or rose-toned, gold shines and catches people’s attention. Somehow, it has the power to bring smiles to people’s faces by simply touching … Read More

Reasons to Sell Your Unwanted Gold and Jewelry

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Selling jewelry

Here’s a fact. Not all of America’s gold is in Fort Knox. Nearly everybody has a little stash of gold somewhere in their home. Such caches typically consist of all the little bits and pieces of unwanted or broken gold jewelry that one has accumulated over the years. There might be a necklace with a broken clasp or a single earring … Read More

Why Does Gold Hold Value During Times of Inflation?

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Buy and sell gold and silver bullion

When a person thinks of gold, they probably bring to mind jewelry. Countless individuals wear gold jewelry every day. However, this precious metal has many other purposes, some of which people remain unaware of.  For example, individuals often don’t realize the electronics they use may have one or more gold parts. The same holds for certain medical devices. Gold is … Read More